Religious Educator: Perspectives on the Restored Gospel


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Esplin: Thank you, President Callister, for meeting with me and for helping our readers understand the role of the Church’s Sunday School General Presidency and, maybe most important, changes that have been announced regarding the curriculum and the organization of our classes. You have previously served as a General Authority and in the Presidency of the Seventy. What can you share about your calling and experience as the Church’s Sunday School General President? How has it shaped you as a teacher and as a learner?

Callister: As a teacher, it has helped me be more observant as I have visited classes throughout the world, because I’ve wanted to find out what helps a teacher teach more like the Savior. I think it’s made me more observant knowing I have a responsibility to teach the same principles as employed by the Savior—in His way. I think it’s made me more observant and more humble to realize that there are a lot of ways I can improve and need to improve. I would say these are the two key ways: it has helped me be more humble, because I’ve seen so many good teachers and ways that I can improve and to be more observant and realize that if you try to learn from other teachers, there is almost always something you can learn.