Religious Educator: Perspectives on the Restored Gospel


Chad H. Webb


devotional, baseball, BYU-Hawaii, Jesus Christ

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I am very grateful to be with you wonderful students on this beautiful campus. Thank you for coming so prepared to learn.

I want to begin by sharing with you a story that was told of a baseball team. This baseball team had a manager who thought that if his players took turns playing all the positions, they would become a better team. So, during one game the manager called time-out, walked onto the field, and told the third baseman and the first baseman to switch positions. The problem in this instance was that the third baseman had never played anything but third base. From the time he was a child, he had practiced scooping up ground balls and throwing them across the field to first base. And now he was playing in a professional game in a large stadium with a lot of fans and a lot of pressure, and he was asked to play a position he had never played.