Religion in the Age of Enlightenment

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Religion in the Age of Enlightenment, Preface


Perhaps it would not be inappropriate to begin with a confession. This is, after all, an annual that focuses on religious topics. In a publication that aims for disciplinary breadth, the majority of the articles in this volume address literary topics. Nonetheless, I do not mean for this confession to be taken as an apology. On the contrary. While RAE publishes representative scholarship from a wide array of disciplinary perspectives, the overall quality and coverage of the essays included here recommend this volume to scholars and students of the Enlightenment, no matter their disciplinary background. These essays cover a range of topics, issues, and ideas relating to the religious, philosophical, and cultural (in addition to the literary) currents of the Long Eighteenth Century and promise to enhance our understanding of these currents, from the Restoration and Glorious Revolution to the Romantic movement more than a century later.