Religion in the Age of Enlightenment


Catherine Livingston Garrettson', Religion in the Age of Enlightenment, Sanctification


In October 1837, Catherine Livingston Garrettson, a devout Methodist and a prolific writer, made note of a personal jubilee in her diary: "This blessed month is near its end and I have been honored to see my 85 years, and the 50 years of my spiritual birth:' Just as 14 October 1752 dated her entrance into mortal life, for Catherine, 13 October 1787 marked an even more meaningful "birthday" -the anniversary of the day she experienced justification and came to desire personal sanctification ( the point in which a believer is transformed and purified through the grace of Christ and thus filled with the love of God). Catherine's reverence for these dates-reminders to remain a committed follower of Jesus-served as the catalyst behind and the central focus of what would become over sixty years worth of her own reflective writings about the process of sanctification.