Anacroneuria, Mexico, Mesoamerica, stonefly


This paper reviews the status of 39 Anacroneuria species reported for Mexico, the adjacent areas of Mesoamerica (Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua), and the United States. Sixteen species are described as new (A. baumanni, A. brailovskyi, A. buenoi, A. contrerasi, A. izapa, A. mixteca, A. olmec, A. pareja, A. quetzalcoatl, A. ratcliffei, A. senahu, A. shepardi, A. sonora, A. wellsi, A. zaculeu, and A. zaga). Anacroneuria sulana Needham and Broughton is removed from synonymy with A. annulicauda (Pictet) and classified as a synonym of A. lineata (Navas). Anacroneuria proxima Klapálek, A. crenulata Jewett, and A. comanche Stark and Baumann are classified as synonyms of A. litura (Pictet). Identification keys are presented for males in the region, and the nymphs of 2 species, A. baumanni and A. quadriloba, are described.