Volume 11 (2019)

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Sandhill Crane use of riverine roost sites along the central Platte River in Nebraska, USA
David M. Baasch, Patrick D. Farrell, Andrew J. Caven, Kelsey C. King, Jason M. Farnsworth, and Chadwin B. Smith


Adult Whooping Crane (Grus americana) consumption of juvenile channel catfish (Ictalurus punctatus) during the avian spring migration in the Central Platte River Valley, Nebraska, USA
Andrew J. Caven, Jenna Malzahn, Keith D. Koupal, Emma M. Brinley Buckley, Joshua D. Wiese, Rick Rasmussen, and Carol Steenson


Temporospatial shifts in Sandhill Crane staging in the Central Platte River Valley in response to climatic variation and habitat change
Andrew J. Caven, Emma M. Brinley Buckley, Kelsey C. King, Joshua D. Wiese, David M. Baasch, Greg D. Wright, Mary J. Harner, Aaron T. Pearse, Matt Rabbe, Dana M. Varner, Brice Krohn, Nicole Arcilla, Kirk D. Schroeder, and Kenneth F. Dinan

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