Mormon Pacific Historical Society



La'ie, Hawaii, World War II


Prior to the coming of Nebeker and Hammond to purchase the land for the Church. My recollection of stories that were told to me by my great-grand Aunt who lived to be ninety - four, is that, ... some of you may have seen pictures of La'ie. La.'ie was sand dunes. My mother said when she was growing up you could stand at La.'ie school and see all the way down to Pounder's. There was no brush, no trees, no plants, just sand dunes. And so because of that the water being in the foot hills our families lived in the foothills on this side of the Temple were the Kanahele(s), the Kaio(s), the Kekauoha(s). On that side of the temple up in Po'ohaili, were the Apuakehau(s), the Nainoa(s) that came later, by my Great -great Grandfather, and the Pukahi(s) and the Kamauoha(s) on that side of La'ie. They raised their taro in the wetlands there, they grew their 'u 'ala which is the sweet potatoes, their bananas, their 'ulu and came down to fish from the ocean. This was their subsistence. They had a very hard life here in La.'ie.