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House of Israel, descendants


Since the first Maori to be taught the gospel from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in the early 1880's, countless have become converted. Most of which were baptized only within the span of a few years of receiving the gospel. It is evident that the early Mormon missionaries clearly demonstrated a dramatic impact upon the indigenous tribes of Maori of New Zealand. However, what were the differentiating factors about Latter Day-Saint missionaries that set them apart from other missionaries, whom of which had already been in the country for roughly sixty-five years!? The course of this research analyzes and focuses on several variations that enabled these early Mormon missionaries to convert thousands of Maoris. In addition, this study will also enable a fuller comprehension of the intimate interactions shared on a daily basis between the L.D.S. (Latter-day Saint) missionaries and the Maoris, presenting much emphasis on how they differed from that of other Christian denominations.