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This is a revised version of a comprehensive treatment of the vascular flora of Utah. All new taxa and distributional records discovered since the publication of the second edition in 2003 are included.

Keys are provided to families, genera, species, and infraspecific taxa (when present). Taxa are described, ecological data is given, and geographical information is provided. County distribution in Utah is given for each species and infraspecific taxon. General geographical information is given for taxa that extend beyond the boundaries of Utah. Chromosome numbers are provided for each taxon, where that information was available in literature.

In the fifth edition there are 2761 species, 456 infraspecific taxa, or a total of 3202 indigenous taxa of flowering plants, and an additional 75 species of ferns, fern-allies, and gymnosperms, for a total of 3277 indigenous taxa, Added to those are 873 introduced species; total taxa treated in this edition is 4150, in 160 vascular plant families, an increase of 21 taxa and four additional families of flowering plants.

This fourth edition treats 2746 species, 425 infraspecific taxa, or a total of 3171 indigenous taxa; 853 species introduced; total taxa treated in this edition is 4025 in 156 vascular plant families, an increase of 95 taxa, plus five additional families.

The 2003 third edition included 2723 species and 415 infraspecific taxa, or a total of 3128 indigenous taxa in 151 vascular plant families. Introduced species treated were 792, a total flora treated to 3930 in 151 families, an increase of 293 taxa.

The 1993 second edition included 2602 species and 393 infraspecific taxa, or a total of 2995 indigenous taxa in the second edition. Introduced species in the second edition numbered 682, an increase or exactly 100 over that reported in the first edition. Total taxa treated in the second edition was 3677, up from 3,507 in the first edition.

The 1987 first edition included 2,572 species and 3 5 5 infraspecific taxa, for a total of 2,927. Included were 582 introduced taxa for a total of 3509 taxa.

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Monte L. Bean Life Science Museum, Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah




Botany, Utah, Nomenclature, Plant Identification, Vascular Plants, Horticulture


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A Utah Flora, Fifth Edition, Revised