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In the second volume of Tanner’s autobiography, he includes not only incidents in his life, but also some historical remembrances of the Indianola Valley and his family history. This volume focuses more on every day events and philosophical conclusions about his life and career. Other people written about in this account include Tanner’s parents, siblings, and grandparents; his wife Helen and her family; and Ottella Watson. His work at the Monte L. Bean Life Science Museum (especially the creation of the facility and correspondence with Brother Bean) is detailed on pages 188–202. Several of his research publications are in the back.

Table of Contents

A Brief History—An Introduction

My Family

My Teens and Mission

The Brown Family

Ottella Watson

Historical Remembrances and Thoughts Pertaining Primarily to my Youth and Days Spent on the Ranch

My Days with Atomic Energy

My Travels in Mexico

The War Years

The John Tanner Family Association

The Provo City Power Board

My Life in Education and Science

The Bean Life Science Museum

Research Publications

Related Scientific Subjects



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personal memoir, Bean Life Science Museum, Tanner family history

From Moccasins Till Now, Volume 2