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This is the authors’ account of hunting trips and adventures in Africa, including the prizes they collected and the people they met. Chapters are chronological by year (1994–2008) and catalogue experiences in both South Africa and safari expeditions. Persons involved and animals hunted are listed at the beginning. The first trip was undertaken with Skip Skidmore while Welsh was the director of the Monte L. Bean Life Science Museum at BYU. Supplementary content contains a list of Welsh’s African animals taken and their disposition (deposited in the museum or otherwise). Appendixes contain recipes for some of the more exotic dishes the authors tried.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1. Johannesburg Experience – 1994

Chapter 2. A Trip with Skip and Fred – 1996

Chapter 3. Venture South Africa – 1999

Chapter 4. South Africa – Natal, Motsomi, and Kalahari – 2001

Chapter 5. South Africa – Double Drift, San Souci, Motsomi – 2002

Chapter 6. Safari Africa – Mozambique, Motsomi, Tarkastad – 2003

Chapter 7. Lost Summer

Chapter 8. South Africa – Around a Campfire, Motsomi, Sandrivierspoort, Buffelspoort – 2005

Chapter 9. South Africa – Zulu Nyala, natal to Motsomi – 2006

Chapter 10. South Africa – Motsomi, Eastern Cape, natal – 2007

Chapter 11. South Africa – Limpopo District to the Kalahari – 2008

Chapter 12. Safari Club, Reno; South Africa – Transvall, Limpopo District – Dec. 2008–June 2009

Appendix I. Yucky Foods Inc.

Appendix II. Recipes

Appendix III. Authors

Appendix IV. Miscellaneous

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Adventures Africa — 1994–2009: Episodes in Lifetimes of Hunting

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