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This short work is derived from a manuscript prepared for presentation in a water adjudication hearing, following a proposal to pipe water from wells in Beaver Dam Wash for transfer across state lines to be used for culinary and other purposes in Mesquite, Nevada. The Wash is estimated to yield 2000 acre feet of water annually, mostly as subsurface flow, at the Arizona line. About a third of that amount is already appropriated by users along the Wash in Utah, but there are applications pending for more than 100,000 acre feet in Utah. Thus, the Wash is already oversubscribed by tens of thousands of acre feet. Thus, the current proposal, while involved with subsurface water to be pumped and piped is yet another proposal in a water-shy country. The report has three appendices, one each for plant species, birds, and animals known to exist in or pass through the Wash. The lists in each appendix detail numerous species either unique to the Wash or to the Mohave (Mohahve, Mojave) Desert extension into the corner of Utah. A few photographs and a map showing the drainages of the Lytle Preserve Vicinity are included.

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Lytle Preserve

Items and materials reviewed for the hearing and response



Appendix A: Beaver Dam Wash Plant Lists (13 February 2007)

Appendix B: Beaver Dam Wash Bird List (13 February 2007)

Appendix C: Beaver Dam Wash Reptiles & Amphibians & Mammals Lists (13 February 2007)

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Water in Beaver Dam Wash and Lytle Preserve