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It is unfortunate that journals were not kept routinely for all of my [Stanley L. Welsh] expeditions that resulted in collections of plants that formed the bases for publications over the years. Only the record books and the specimens document most of the trips, and they are without detail of the events leading up to them or of those that transpired on them. The journals reproduced here show good intentions, which unfortunately were not fulfilled subsequently. The early field trips from Iowa State, accompanied by Dennis Anderson set the tone for later trips to Alaska, in 1965, 1966, 1968, and to northern British Columbia in 1969. However, no such journals (only collecting books) substantiate trips to northern Yukon to Sam Lake in Old Crow flats in 1970 and Pass Lake, on the divide between the Mackenzie and the Yukon in 1971, or to North 1 West Territories, at Canoe Lake, west of Inuvic, in 1972. The entries are instructive as to the goals of the trips, and give a view of the scenes viewed during them. The sweep of the Great Plains carries through the 1958 and 1959 journals, that of the monumental and magnificent western cordillera and broad valleys and tussock tundra of western Canada and Alaska show through in the accounts. They are, nevertheless, day-by-day travelogues, and are generally boring. Still, they might be useful for some reasons yet to be determined, and most certainly they are written nowhere else! The accounts are based on hand-written journals resulting from trips during the life and times of one S. Welsh. They are reproduced as written, with modification only of spellings and punctuating.


North-Central United States Journals –1958 and 1959

1959 Travels!

Alaska Expedition Journal 1965

Second Alaska Expedition Journal 1966

Alaskan Expedition Journal 1968

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