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Originally published in 1957, An Approach to the Book of Mormon is Dr. Hugh Nibley’s classic work on the Book of Mormon. A gifted scholar with expertise in ancient languages, literature, and history, Nibley shows numerous details in the Book of Mormon narrative to be in accord with cultural traits of the Middle East.

He examines Lehi as a representative man of his time, the Jews and the caravan trade, Lehi’s Arab and Egyptian connections, politics in Jerusalem, the pioneer tradition, the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Apocrypha, Lehi’s dreams, proper names, Old World ritual in the New World, the Jaredite barges and shining stones, and many other fascinating topics.

By establishing the Book of Mormon securely in an ancient setting and historical framework, this pioneering study answers criticisms, illuminates the complexity and historical accuracy of the book, places it alongside the Bible and other great works of antiquity, and points the way for further research.



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An Approach to the Book of Abraham