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The amazing achievements of the last hundred years in technology and science are paralleled by significant strides in Book of Mormon studies. Echoes and Evidences of the Book of Mormon takes inventory of some of the most fascinating ancient elements of the Book of Mormon.

For many years now, Latter-day Saint scholars have called attention to significant parallels in the Book of Mormon with the ancient world that in many cases were unknowable in the world of Joseph Smith. The sheer number of these “bull’s-eyes” alone is impressive.

In this volume, scholars trained in biblical studies, archaeology, classics, history, law, linguistics, anthropology, political science, philosophy, Near East studies, literature, and other relevant fields present some of their favorite evidences that support the Book of Mormon’s claim to ancient origins. Their findings illuminate points present in ancient sources, details that are not obvious, intricate patterns, unusual or distinctive features, and information that was little or not known in the 1820s.



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Neal A. Maxwell Institute for Religious Scholarship


The Foundation for Ancient Research and Mormon Studies

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Echoes and Evidences of the Book of Mormon