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Over the course of his forty-year career, S. Kent Brown, professor of religious studies, has taught and inspired thousands of students at Brigham Young University and has produced over one hundred publications and several films in the fields of early Christian, Near Eastern, and Mormon studies. Twenty-four scholars, including Leslie S. B. MacCoull, Robert Millett, and Jacob Neusner, have contributed articles to this volume in honor of Brown. Essay topics include archaeology, biblical studies, Coptic studies, early Christian studies, Islamic studies, Jewish studies, Mormon studies, and Quran studies. In addition to these pieces, the book includes a bibliography of works by Brown himself, a citation index, and a subject index. A wonderful testament to Brown’s legacy as a scholar and teacher, Bountiful Harvest provides a variety of perspectives on a broad range of subjects.



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Neal A. Maxwell Institute for Religious Scholarship


Neal A. Maxwell Institute for Religious Scholarship

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Bountiful Harvest: Essays in Honor of S. Kent Brown