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Teaching English abroad has been one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences of my life. There are so many benefits to teaching English abroad, such as the opportunity to travel around the world and engage with other cultures, learn new languages, and develop both personal and professional skills. I have been fortunate to teach in China, Kenya, Brazil, and the Dominican Republic. My teaching responsibilities varied greatly in each country, and while these experiences were incredibly positive overall, each brought its own set of unique challenges. I often felt underqualified or too inexperienced for my roles, found myself in situations that did not meet my expectations, or wished that I had been able to better prepare for my teaching assignments. As a mentor of other teachers, I saw that my experience was not unique, and many other new teachers were also struggling with similar issues. Teaching and living abroad was still an incredible opportunity that has shaped my life, but I wished that I had had access to more information and been more prepared for my experiences.