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Remembering Sarah Duvall


Norm Krasne


Sarah Duvall, stroke, Portland Opera


After suffering a catastrophic stroke last summer, one of our fellow JBSers, my partner Sarah Duvall, passed away on August 15th. Compared to most in our Society, she was a relative newcomer to opera and to Jussi’s heavenly tenor. As her exposure to the art form grew, she came to prefer more contemporary operatic works to the more traditional classics, but she recognized superior singing when she heard it. Portland (OR) Opera was our home base and over a decade we became more involved with the Company and made many friends among its supporters and staff. Sarah was a volunteer for Portland Opera, co-managing its Storage Locker containing household items used by the young Resident Artists when they came into town. At her passing she was Vice President of Communications and Marketing for Opera Volunteers International (OVI).

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