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Hanna Hedman, 1934-2020



Hanna Hedman, Frank Hedman, life of Hanna Hedman


We report with sadness the death of Hanna Hedman. Hanna was married to Frank Hedman, who in 1979 founded the Bluebell recording label, which she managed successfully after Frank’s death in 1990. Among her notable issues were many Jussi Björling recordings, especially live performance recordings from Stockholm. Bluebell’s “Great Swedish Singers” series presented such artists as Schymberg, Söderström, Gedda, Hasslo, Berglund, Wixell and Björker. Hanna was a remarkable person, idiosyncratic, funny and generous. She died just before her 86th birthday. An in-depth article about Frank, Hanna, and Bluebell will be published in our next Journal.

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