Newsletter of the Jussi Björling Societies of the USA & UK


Janel Lundgren


Strömsbruk, Stefan Olmars, David Bjorling, Bjorling family


When Stefan Olmårs became Secretary of the Jussi Björling Society(Sällskapet), he was contacted by a man who told him that Jussi’s father David had been born in Strömsbruk and had worked there as a blacksmith. Stefan became intrigued, and made contact with local historian Gustav Ekengren who took Stefan to the very small Mission Church in Strömsbruk (which had been set up almost like a theater). Gustav related that David Björling had come there with Jussi who was then so young that he was not yet speaking clearly and had to be stood on a table to sing. Gustav showed Stefan the little hut where the blacksmiths would have their lunch and rest, since they were too dirty to go home in the middle of the work day. In that little hut, Stefan was shown a picture of Jussi’s grandfather, also a smith. At that point 15 years ago, Stefan decided to create an event celebrating David and Jussi, and made contact with Raymond Björling, who sang at the first of the Strömsbruk weekends in 2005.

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