Newsletter of the Jussi Björling Societies of the USA & UK


Marc Nicholson


Jussi Bjorling, grave, Jussi Bjorling Museum


In August 2017 I undertook a guided tour of the Baltic States, but thereafter I spent a week on my own in Sweden for the primary purpose of visiting the Jussi Björling Museum in Borlänge and placing flowers on Björling’s grave. I owe him a great deal, because he introduced me to opera as a 12-year-old boy in 1962 through his recording with Victoria de Los Angeles of Madama Butterfly, and still more because his beautiful and plaintive voice has accompanied and moved me over my ensuing 57 years. Björling is NOT entertainment. He is existential to us. So I had to travel to Sweden and express gratitude by standing in front of and placing flowers at his burial site.

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