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David Cutler


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Collectors of historical vocal recordings are always wanting more of their particular favorite singer. They do not often get rewarded for their enthusiasm. However, this CD must surely mark a giant find in the vocal annals for which we must be truly thankful. The silver voiced Jussi Björling was one of the 20th century’s great tenors and much has been written about him. There has even been a splendid phonography, improved over the years by new releases, but even this recital escaped the doyen of Björling experts, Harald Henrysson.* This new musical discovery had tangled origins—according to John Haley of Harmony Restorations. It was his restoration of a 1969 Judy Garland concert that led another collector to acquire tapes from the man who had managed the Falkoner Centret concert hall in Copenhagen. Among those tapes was a live performance of what turned out to be Jussi’s last concert appearance in Denmark. This concert is not long, as the tenor may have wanted to take things slowly after his recent hospitalization during recording sessions for Madama Butterfly. He was already suffering from the heart disease which eventually killed him in September 1960 at the early age of 49.

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