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Firestone, Kinescope, Voice of Firestone


0 ne of the most coveted, yet elusive, audio-visual documents ofJussi Bjorling's vocal artistry has disappeared following the death of Mrs. Shirley Firestone, wife of the late Russell Firestone Jr. (December 19, 2013, in Lexington, KY). Unlike the other three kinescopes of Jussi's Voice of Firestone appearances (March 6, 1950; November 20, 1950; November 19, 1951), which have been transferred to DVD and appear on YouTube, the March 10, 1952 program never made it to the New England Conservatory's Idabelle Firestone Library following the program's cancellation in 1963. Thus, it was unavailable to Video Artists International and Kultur for commercial release.

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