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Gosta Bjorling 1912-2012


Gosta Bjorling


This year is the 100th anniversary of Gosta Bjorling's birth-a talented tenor who would most likely be better known if he hadn't lived in the shadow of his still more talented brother Jussi. David Bjorling's third son ( christened Karl Gustav) was born on 21 September 1912, while his father David was touring with an opera and operetta company. Since Gosta had the same career as a singing prodigy as his brothers Olle and Jussi, his first concert with them on 12 December 1915 in Orebro took place a few months after he had turned three! During the early years of the quartet, Olle and Gosta were more noted by the reviewers than Jussi, and Gosta especially for the dramatic conviction in his performance. In 1930, he began his studies at the Conservatory of the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm, and graduated as a music teacher in 1934. In Spring of 1935, he went to Milan for singing studies with Fernando Carpi. He was offered an engagement at the Royal Opera already in June 1936 but declined because he wanted to continue his studies in Rome under maestro Marcantoni. The same summer, he married a Norwegian singer whom he had met in Milan, Heddy Petersen.

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