Newsletter of the Jussi Björling Societies of the USA & UK


Seth B. Winner


Bluebell, Sweden, Great Swedish Singers


ABCD 116 has been announced as the final issue from Bluebell of Sweden. For me, this news is a bittersweet farewell to a company that for 30 years had dedicated its efforts to issuing the surviving unpublished broadcast recordings of Jussi Bjorling, and then gone on to bring the work of other Swedish vocal artists to international notice, in its "Great Swedish Singers" series. In fact, Bluebell kept the Bjorling legacy alive and before the public more reliably than any of the big corporations that the great Swedish tenor had recorded for. Commendably, this little company kept its issues in print always. Kudos to the late Frank Hedman and his widow Hanna for pursuing a dream that went far beyond an initial commercial venture.

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