Newsletter of the Jussi Björling Societies of the USA & UK


Stora Tuna, memorial concert, Conservatory Chorus


On the evening of September 9th, Stephen Hastings and I and two friends went to Stora Tuna Church for a well-attended memorial concert. The Conservatory Chorus from Falun and Borganaskoren from Borlange had joined forces. The soloist was soprano Carolina Bengtsdotter-Ljung, a singer from Dalarna who once received the Jussi Bjorling Award and who has been active for several years in Germany. As a surprise -not included on the printed program- Raymond Bjorling appeared with "Tonerna" (on the 10th, he also gave a memorial concert at another Dalarna church). The concert was a fine and worthy tribute to Jussi's memory. The program included music sung by him or used at his funeral, or associated with Dalarna. At the end, led by torch-bearers, the chorus and the audience left the church and went to Jussi's grave, where the chorus sang "Sverige" and the county governor delivered a short speech. From the Bjorling family, besides Raymond, Lars and Ann-Charlotte and her husband Orjan Grim as attended.