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Roger Horn


tuba, Mecca Temple Band, Roger Horn


I have no idea who Ada may have been, but that is how I have felt about music-performance for many a year. At one time I was playing the tuba in the Mecca Temp le Band, which met in a church basement in Greenwich Village. One night I found myself with a very well known player (las t name was Black, I think) who was counted a considerable success. He had played the whole run of South Pacific and had lots of other work. During a break he said to me, " I don't know who you are, Horn, but you're a good tuba player. For God's sake don't make your living this way, it's awful." Bill Bell, the tuba player with the NY Philharmonic at the time, had told me the same thing and it wasn't that either of them feared competition from me-I wasn't THAT good. I believed them and other professional musicians I h ad known and decided I would b e a lifelong amateur musician and earn my living at something else, so that I wouldn't get jaded from having to play the same things again and again

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