Newsletter of the Jussi Björling Societies of the USA & UK

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Hallo Jussifriends


Stefan Olmars


Voxna, Jussi Bjorling, Jussifriends, Bjorling family


The Bjorling family lived for hundreds of years in the small village of Voxna. Jussi's grandfather was a blacksmith here. And David and his three young sons came here to sing in the small wooden church twice. These are the reasons why each summer l organize a concert in this church. Some 15 people from JBS USA visited us during last year's concert. This is a recording from that concert and here are a few comments, mainly for you who were not there. The singers were Bengt Krantz (baritone) , President of JBS Scandinavia and Mats Carlsson (tenor). Mats has now been awarded the first Jussi Bjorling Prize during the annual meeting of JBS Scandinavia, which took place at the JB Museum in Borlange on the 2nd of February 2008.