Newsletter of the Jussi Björling Societies of the USA & UK


bust, Met


Several months after the JB bust vanished from sight at the Met, we learned in mid-March that the Bjorling bust was back on display in the concourse gallery, conspicuously located between busts of Verdi and Caruso! Several of our members documented this fact with photographs: our thanks to Bea Bobotek, Beau Kaplan, and Bill Lessard for sending us copies. And special thanks to the Met's Archivist Bob Tuggle for his patience in dealing with our members' anxieties! Mr. Tuggle explained that a new photo gallery had also been installed in the bust's previous home, with some 70 singers represented, and Jussi Bjorling would be there among them. Further, in honor of this season's revival of Manon Lescaut, the costumes made for Dorothy Kirsten and JB for the 1949 revival of this opera were being put on display in the costume cases on the parterre level. (Alas, the photos of the bust in its new location are too large for publication here, so we show the Borlange version in its Winter costume.)