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There is a stream of multiple re-issues of many of the most famous of Bjorling's recordings available now in Europe, due to the copyright laws there: After 50 years, published recordings go into the public domain. Thus all of Jussi's complete operas up to 1957 have been re-released by companies like Naxos, Urania, and many others. Production values of these CDs vary, so 'caveat emptor'! A key point is that improvements in the sound of a later edition of a recording also are copyrighted for 50 years, and sometimes those improvements are worth having. As we learn of the most successful transfers, we will pass along some information. In the meantime, the new re-issues have their definite attractions: e.g. the Naxos version of RCA's 1956 Boheme includes also Sir Thomas Beecham's complete recording of Act IV of Boheme from 1935, an interesting document. (On the other hand, some prefer the sound of RCA's Boheme on EMl's own CDs as re-mastered from the original tapes, rather than as taken from the 1956 LPs.)

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