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Word has come from EMI that the two 78 rpm test pressings that Jussi made on September 4, 1929, and that supposedly were destroyed in 1930 [see the Henrysson "JB Phonography," pp. 76 and 160], actually do still exist! The Historic Masters organization ["HM"] intends to celebrate this fact by enabling a limited release of a 78 with these two sides: some 200-300 copies will be pressed (and sold probably for about $30-40 each). The two songs that Jussi chose for this occasion were Geehl's "For you alone" and Leoncavallo's "Mattinata," both sung in Swedish. While you certainly are familiar with Jussi's early versions of those two songs, made during the following year while he was still 18 or 19, you have never heard the original test versions. Soon we will be able to do that, and compare the two versions.

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