Journal of Undergraduate Research


morphological parsing, segmentation, VoCRF, paradigm-based approach




Linguistics and English Language


Morphological parsing is a task where a computer recognizes the meaning that parts of a word contribute to its overall meaning and role in the sentence. Morphological segmentation simply means splitting words up into their component parts, and is simpler than parsing.

The result of my research is two-fold: I applied a VoCRF to morphologically parse a new Basque corpus, and demonstrated the e ectiveness of a paradigm-based approach to morphological segmentation. Initially, I set out to improve upon the VoCRF algorithm to account for previously-known information; unfortunately, the expected improvements to the VoCRF algorithm could not be made because I was unable to determine a way to change the output of the algorithm into a nite state automaton. Due to this circumstance, my interest shifted to exploring morphological segmentation, and I improved a recent paradigm-based approach to segmentation.