Journal of Undergraduate Research


Victorian Short Fiction Project, colonial fiction, girls' adventure fiction






The original purpose of my project was two-fold: 1) to expand the Victorian Short Fiction Project, a peer-reviewed database compiled from Victorian periodical fiction housed in Brigham Young University’s special collections library; and 2) to utilize this database in order to perform a literary study of nineteenth-century colonial fiction. In accordance with growing scholarly interest in digital tools as a means of conducting literary scholarship, I wanted to promote BYU’s own digital and print resources in order to discover important trends in Victorian literature. With the help of Dr. Leslee Thorne-Murphy, who has worked tirelessly over the past decade to curate and professionalize the VSFP, I developed and expanded the database and, furthermore, utilized its resources in order to compose an argument concerning the role of girls’ adventure fiction in the first volume (1887-1888) of a girls’ periodical entitled Atalanta.