Journal of Undergraduate Research


gun violence, mass shootings, communal effects


Fine Arts and Communications




On the subject of gun violence, the United States ranks high above any other country in frequency and fatality. In reaction to these violences, there are usually massive outpourings of support, concern, etc. However, with the rapidity of the current news climate, these events are lost quickly and all but forgotten at times. This project is in part a reaction to the brevity with which these events are covered. The purpose of this project is also to explore the longer lasting effects of mass shootings within the physical space of the violence and the distance with which most of the public views it. There is a great deal of political and activist work occurring on large scales to work through the causes of mass gun violence, however there is a personal effect with which individuals must reckon. Questions of the personal, the spatial, and the communal effects of mass gun violence were the driving forces behind this project.