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attrition, micronutrient program evaluation, global nonprofit


Family, Home, and Social Sciences




Last summer, we conducted quantitative and qualitative research for an in-depth analysis of the attrition occurring in the Liahona Children’s Foundation’s program—a program attempting to alleviate child malnutrition in sixteen countries. Our findings draw upon five sources: 1) individual interviews we conducted with a randomized sample of Liahona Children’s Foundation program participants, 2) focus groups we led with all program coordinators in the Philippines, 3) our individual interviews with all program coordinators in the Urdaneta region, 4) a survey of program participants at the screenings, and 5) observations from program screenings and distributions. Upon returning home and receiving the ORCA grant, we worked with Dr. Scott Sanders to analyze the data we collected and identify the main reasons for attrition in micronutrient programs. He trained us in both quantitative and qualitative research methods. After an extensive analysis of our data, we found that our results were not conclusive and did not warrant publishing. However, they were extremely useful to Liahona Children’s Foundation and provide a foundation for further research.

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