Journal of Undergraduate Research


kindergarteners, language impairment, disorder


David O. McKay School of Education


Communication Disorders


Children with language impairment (LI) present with “a significant impairment in the acquisition and use of language across modalities” (ASHA, 1993). LI is a prevalent disorder affecting 7% of kindergarteners (Tomblin et al, 1997). LI limits a child’s ability to acquire language, to establish relationships with others, and to succeed in school. In addition, children with LI experience a range of social problems including withdrawal, exclusion, and peer victimization (Fujiki & Brinton, 2017). Recent research has indicated that children with LI have particular difficulty with emotion understanding (Brinton & Fujiki, 2014; Spackman, Fujiki, & Brinton, 2006). That is, they struggle to infer and anticipate the emotions that specific situations elicit. This research examined the ability of 6 boys (CA 6:10 to 12:4 years) with LI to identify emotions experienced by characters in story books.