Journal of Undergraduate Research


standardized education, immunization exemption, school entry




As a pedagogical strategy, the purposes of this service-learning activity were two-fold: 1) to provide students with an organized service activity that also met identified community needs; and 2) to help augment the students’ learning, giving them a broader appreciation of any given discipline, and enhance their sense of civic responsibility. Nursing students were mentored through the process of creating an online education module for parents choosing to exempt their children from immunizations and to assist county health departments to fulfill exemption requirements. The students collaborated with the state Immunization Exemption Workgroup, the Utah Association of Local Boards of Health (UALBH), school nurses, school secretaries and principles, and the Utah Immunization Program manager. Students attended meetings and collaborate with the Northern Utah Immunization Coalition (NUIC), the Salt Lake County Immunization Coalition, the Utah County Immunization Coalition (UCIC), and the Utah State Department of Health (USDH). Hence, part of the mentored experience included interfacing with professional agencies and groups in Utah.

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