Journal of Undergraduate Research


cognitive patterns, information addictions


Marriott School of Management


Information Systems


As suggested by the title, this project focused on understanding the Cognitive Patterns of Information Addiction. Throughout the course of the project we have learned quite a bit about this concept and have refined our narrow focus on addiction to a more broad focus on understanding the cognitive patterns associated with information processing of social media. While we have made certain discoveries, this project has really just laid the initial ground work for this research stream. Students have been instrumental in creating experimental instruments, conducting literature reviews, designing experiments, and collecting data. We have presented these ideas at some of our discipline’s top conferences and the community finds the ideas interesting. We also submitted our initial experiment to a top IS journal (Journal of MIS) and though we received mixed reviews, we received useful feedback that has led to additional data collection and we are hopeful to submit this manuscript to another top IS journal in early 2019. Without the funding for this MEG, we wouldn’t have been able to conduct this research.