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multimodal neuroimaging, insomnia, non-rapid eye movement sleep


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The impact of insomnia on brain regions/networks during sleep may represent mechanisms through which insomnia contributes to the risk for mood disorders. As a first step toward understanding the risk relationship linking insomnia to mood disorders, this study will utilize functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) with multimodal techniques to investigate alterations in brain regions and networks during wake and NREM sleep in patients with insomnia relative to good sleeper controls. We also intend to investigate the pathophysiology of insomnia across 8 units of analysis by combining these data with Dr. Kay’s larger study, the MNI_RDoC (IRB #16377). The units of analysis under investigation in that study, specifically, are genes, molecules, cells circuits, physiology, behavior, self-report, and paradigms. These data will be essential in developing further hypotheses and designing future studies.

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