Journal of Undergraduate Research


MRI, active noise control, time-reversal acoustics


Physical and Mathematical Sciences


Physics and Astronomy


Noise from magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) equipment puts patients at risk for hearing damage.i Active noise control (ANC) systems have been implemented inside the MRI’s bore to reduce perceived noise, but the equipment used cannot have magnetic material or the ANC system will interfere with the MRI machine’s imaging quality. These systems are also limited in size because of the MRI machine’s small bore. Our project was to determine the feasibility of using time-reversal (TR) acoustics to remotely focus a noise-canceling signal to a desired point in space (e.g. a patient’s ear inside an MRI machine) and see if significant noise reduction could be achieved at that point. Being a feasibility study, our experiments were conducted under ideal conditions to better determine what conditions must be satisfied to achieve the most noise reduction.