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reproducible p-type zinc oxide, commerical use, sputter thin films


Physical and Mathematical Sciences


Physics and Astronomy


The principal purpose of my research is to produce stable, long-lasting, reproducible p-type zinc oxide for experimental and commercial use. Semiconductor devices made with zinc oxide (ZnO) have the potential to be a cheaper alternative to those made with gallium nitride (GaN). In addition, ZnO devices could also have superior physical and optical properties [1]. Because of ZnO’s wide band gap and high radiation tolerance, it could potentially be used for UV lasers and LEDs, and thin-film transistors (TFTs) [2]. However, because of natural defects in the ZnO lattice, p-type ZnO has historically been difficult to produce [3]. Our group’s work involves using magnetron sputtering to sputter thin films of ZnO on top of heated zinc arsenide (Zn3As2), thus doping the ZnO with arsenic and making it p-type.