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literature survey, parents, tdap vaccine




The purpose of this project was to understand the reasons expectant and new parents don’t receive the pertussis vaccine and then to provide educational materials for parents on the importance of receiving vaccinations, specifically to protect infants from contracting pertussis.

Studies conducted over the past several years have shown a decline in vaccination rates. In fact, one study was done just a few years ago, with the purpose of educating parents and grandparents of newborns about the importance of receiving a vaccination against pertussis. During the follow up a month later, only 8% had been vaccinated (Tam, 2009). Because information on the safety of the Tdap vaccine, as well as facts about the dangers of pertussis can easily be found online, it is alarming to note that many parents still conscientiously choose not to vaccinate (Smith, 2017). This project aimed to pinpoint concerns that parents have about vaccinations, and then address those concerns in straightforward terms. Parents can then be encouraged to share that information with family members.

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