Journal of Undergraduate Research


workforce, compassion, mouse-cursor tracking


Marriott School of Management


Information Systems


My ORCA project is designed to measure a person’s level of compassion using mouse-cursor tracking. The field of compassion is relatively untouched in the world of research, and I wanted to be one of the first to effectively measure compassion. I also wanted this measurement to be easily implemented into the workforce. To achieve this goal, I designed two activities. The first activity is a game that is designed to gauge a person’s level of compassion. The second activity uses mouse-tracking technology to measure compassion in an even more accurate fashion. Using these two activities, my mentor and I created a test that determines a person’s overall level of compassion. While we have not been accepted into a conference to present our research yet, we have high hopes for an upcoming conference in 2019. Additionally, that project has opened many doors for me personally and has given me a better look into the world of research.

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