Journal of Undergraduate Research


Onsite Mobile Dance Series, student production manager, dance


Fine Arts and Communications




Fine art is entering a new age, the traditional structures that have protected art for centuries are now becoming relics in the face of social, political and cultural upheavals. Over the last twenty years dance has transitioned into the realm of Fine Arts in the world of academia, however it is struggling to find substantial outlets in society while maintaining its integrity as a fine art. This project was centered on two Brigham Young University faculty in their established Onsite Mobile Dance Series, a dance company that has been serving the local arts community for over five years. This production series uniquely places dance as a fine art in a setting by which it relates to and supports the Orem and Provo’s arts community. On Site’s performances provide meaningful experiences for institutions and performing arts groups, while challenging the preconceptions of audiences and artists alike. It has tested and redefined the boundaries of fine art through producing site specific dance works. While also opening up an important dialog on community funding of the arts, and the cultural values that perpetuate the current standard.