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Japanese-Americans, Nippo, Japanese newspaper influence


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A Japanese newspaper called Utah Nippo which headquartered in Salt Lake City became an integral part of the establishment of Japanese American community in Utah in the 20th century. Founded in 1914, Utah Nippo was one of the four newspapers in the U.S. that were allowed to continue its publications throughout World War II years under strict surveillance. During the wartime, Issei, the first generation Japanese Americans, was informed of the war progress and news from the relocation camps through the paper. Utah Nippo also announced local activities and happenings important for Nisei, the second generation Japanese Americans, which continued after the war. The project investigated the effect this newspaper had on the readers during the war by answering the following research questions: 1. How did reading Utah Nippo play a role in forming identity for Nisei? 2. How did Utah Nippo play a role in building social cohesion among Japanese Americans? 3. How did the change of message tone in Utah Nippo change Japanese American’s view of their national identity?

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