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human physical limits, landscape, Iceland


Fine Arts and Communications




I remember being obsessed with walking my last year of high school. I would wake up early once a week and start to walk the same path the city bus would take with the hope of one day being able to walk the whole way without having to take the bus. I would walk alone. No music. Just me and my thoughts. The pace of life seemed to slow down as the sun would rise. I noticed things I had never seen before. I was more aware of my body. I was more aware of nature and what it had created for us. That obsession led me to walk across Prince Edward Island last summer. A walk of 200 miles across the island. In an artistic point of view, I explored the limits of the body against the willingness of the mind. How could you leave your mark in the landscape as the land kept its mark on you? The only thing I could be thinking of was walking. All I had to think of was walking. Nature was either with or against me. At the end of this summer, I will now be walking across Iceland. This project is another form of inquiry to establish the relationship between the landscape and the quest of a sublime aesthetic experience.

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