Journal of Undergraduate Research


secondary education funding, graduation, job placement


David O. McKay School of Education


Educational Leadership and Foundations


How much would it cost to send a single student to secondary school for a year? In Malawi it is a mere $300, that comes up to less than a $1 a day to go, yet it is common for these families to be living on less than a dollar a day1. This research that was conducted on the ground in Malawi looks at how effective and beneficial a scholarship that completely paid for the schooling of certain children would be. The study utilizes a causal-comparative research design to compare the educational experiences and outcomes of two student groups – those who did and those who did not receive a needs-based scholarship to attend secondary or tertiary school. We administered surveys to 89 scholarship recipients and 57 non-recipients in the Dowa, Kasungu and Lilongwe Districts of Malawi.