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Mormon masses, advertisements, separate genders


Family, Home, and Social Sciences




This project analyzed two main documents, comparing and contrasting the different LDS youth periodicals, namely the Improvement era and the Young Woman’s Journal. In this project I analyzed advertisements within the Improvement Era during the merger of the Young Woman’s Journal and the Improvement Era with special emphasis on how advertisements are being construed to the different genders before and after the merger in 1929. The Improvement Era is one of the few early LDS periodicals that have preserved the cover art and advertisements, unlike other magazines during this period in which all images were discarded. In so doing I also analyzed the articles themselves and the information that was being distributed through fictional stories, poetry, and instructional material. In this I focused on gender writings and how this affected advertisements during this period. Ultimately, this project gave me an in depth understanding of the materials and how the LDS church during this period worked together to better the different programs they were creating.

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