Journal of Undergraduate Research


teacher training films, Sunday school, disabilities


David O. McKay School of Education




Sunday schools are primarily taught by devoted lay volunteers. Often times these individuals are willing to help, but can have feelings of self-doubt and anxiety. These feelings can be felt at a greater magnitude when a volunteer has a class that includes a student with a disability. In order for the teacher and student to be edified during Sunday School, training videos on utilizing specific teaching skills and accommodations were created. Shade (2001) and Sampson (2004) have shown that even after 45 minutes of instruction on teaching individuals with disabilities, a teacher’s confidence in their ability to instruct is often strengthened. Knowing this directed us on how to best train Sunday school teachers. They need quality sources to turn to that are easy to understand, applicable, and accommodating for the busy schedule of these volunteers. If the teachers are prepared and understand how to apply certain teaching techniques they are better able to help those members of the class with disabilities learn. When individuals with disabilities learn church principles they are better able to explore their faith and better integrate into the congregation.

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