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Nabataeans of Petra, ware pottery, chronological dating system


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The course ware pottery created by the ancient Nabataeans of Petra, Jordan is unique and one of the most understudied pottery types from the Hellenistic and Roman eras in the Near East. My research project involved developing an updated seriation organization of these pottery types based on comparative shapes, sizes and other physical attributes, as well as stratigraphic find sites in order to organize these wares into a chronological dating system. The first step of this research project was carried out during the 2017 Petra, Jordan Archaeology Field School with subsequent lab work completed on BYU at the archaeology lab of the Museum of Peoples and Cultures on campus with samples on loan from the Jordanian government. This exciting research has begun to lead to new perspectives concerning site dating and artifact classification from Petra and surrounding Nabatean sites in the Levant and Arabia.

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